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805 consecutive days of meditation, ∞ to go.

I am exploring other meditation experiences. I went to a Reiki session during the New Moon. This will need its own post because I had an amazing experience and want to share it but I am still digesting and thinking about what happened. I don’t fully understand or can process everything yet. I will try writing about it and see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I went to Dome.


I wrote about the venue and that experience here. This post is about my experience during meditation.

I no longer feel like a meditation rookie. Since this journey began I have logged 396 h 58 m. That is a long time to sit in contemplation with me. Some days are wonderful and some days are a struggle but I do it every day because I love the growth I have experienced and it is part of my self-care routine. 30 – 60 minutes daily before I leave my room. I sit in darkness and breath. Soon I will sit as the sun rises and breath.

I wanted to attend this experience because I knew instinctively that being in a room full of like-minded individuals all part of a collective consciousness would have an energy I wanted to feel. I often read or hear about powerful surges of energy that is a lot for the body to adjust to so it yawns to find balance. I had to do that a few times. Plus it was a hypnotic experience that I don’t fully remember.

The photo at the top of the post was from the @domemeditaion Instagram post. this was the first image with binaural beats playing. It began like every Yoga Nidra session I ever did. A complete body scan. Then music then increased in volume. I snuggled in and tried to hear the guided meditation but with my hearing impairment, I couldn’t distinguish his words. So I took a deep breath and started my practice in the way I always do. Three deep breaths. I did my second open eye meditation session.

Watching the dome was very similar to what I ‘see’ when I meditate only the colours I experience are far more intense. The dome itself was very intense in every other way. I imagine this is what an LSD trip may be like. I softened my gaze to experience it as suggested.

I find binaural beats to be very hypnotic. I had to close my eyes for parts because of the intensity. I could feel my mouth open as if I was going to speak – but I didn’t out of fear or I didn’t want to bother my seatmates – I am not sure why. I had control but it felt as if more could have happened if I was open to it. Almost as if I could chant or channel.

This was the first time during any meditation I didn’t have thought. I didn’t need to observe thought and send it on its way. I just didn’t have thought. Before it began I set an intention to not take energy that wasn’t mine (so important for empaths) and enter this experience with an open mind and heart. About one-quarter of the way through I found myself in a white room with others we sat looking at each other. We spoke in a language that I could understand at the time, but now I have no idea what we were saying or what language we were speaking in. But I remember this very clearly. Then I returned to my chair and watched as the light pulsed and star-light formed at the top of the dome.

As always with binaural beats, there is a moment when the music changes and you are brought out of theta and feel refreshed. This definitely happened and I enjoyed the images without softening my gaze. I was refreshed and felt like I could extend my evening. Usually, on a Friday night, I am tired and need to go to bed early. I was ready for anything! It felt amazing but we drove home in the quiet thinking about our experience and sharing what we could interpret.

The biggest learning from this is I think I should meditate after work for about 10- 15 minutes to energize myself for the evening. Occasionally I will do a shower meditation and feel great after that, but a simple recharge is easy to do – perhaps a simple crystal meditation could change my whole evening. I will keep you posted on that experiment.

Dome is showing in Vancouver at the end of the month.

Hari Om Tatsat Namiste


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